Enertor PX1 technology

Revolutionary shock absorbing material and carbon composite shells for orthotics market

For 20 years Enertor, with their revolutionary shock absorbing insoles, have been helping elite athletes from Professional Football players, Tour de France winners and Olympic champions including Usain Bolt perform better and stay injury free.

Enertor are pleased to announce the launch of two major new British made innovations for the orthotics market.

Firstly, PX1 technology, based on feedback from elite athletes who wanted a product that was lighter, thinner but still provided high levels of shock absorption to protect them against injury. After extensive trials and testing with the world’s elite we are now pleased to announce the launch for the NA market. The technology makes improvements in 5 critical, shown in the diagram on the left.

PX1 products

Available in sheet format (3mm sheets and tapered - 8mm to 3.5mm)

The latest PX1 material to provide more shock-absorption and comfort than any other insole. The technology is used by elite athletes from Premier League Footballers, Tour de France Champions and Olympic Athletes including Usain Bolt. After extensive testing, the British Military now mandate Enertor insoles as the only shock absorbing insoles used by all the British forces.